Zara Columbia Dershowitz

Here is the big news.  Zara just said her first word.  And Uncle E was there ready to videotape it.  OK, really she said it three times before the camera started rolling, but it was only minutes apart.  You can hear and see the moment, as long as you have Quicktime installed. 

Zara is getting bigger, and so was her web page.  So we decided that it was time to make a new one.  But if you want to see her first few months (4th trimester) that page is still available at
And we have yet another page that covers 3-6 months or so at

Zara has started eating solid food.  Two hands means carrots and beans at once:

She is a cute snow bunny:

Here is the world traveler in Costa Rica:

Operator, please get me the space station right away:

This standing thing is pretty difficult.  I'd better keep practicing: