Zara Columbia Dershowitz

Below are the most recent pictures of Zara.  She is now more than a year old. 

She loves to dance these days.  Especially to frogs and reggae music.  If you click on these, as long as you have Quicktime installed, you should be able to see video of her:

View Video  View Video!

We had a great time up in Phoenicia during our extended vaction...

just before we moved to LA.

While East, Zara got to spend time with her great aunt, great uncle, and great dog,

Getting down with Grandpa:

Aunt Rana, I am walking now so am I ready to train for a triathlon with you?

I like to laugh with Memo:

Sophie, Jeff, Lily, and Evan came to LA to visit my new house:

And we swam in the little pool:

Sometimes I also like to swim in a bigger pool with Uncle E:

I just think that water is very special:

If you want to see her first few months (4th trimester) that page is still available at
And we have yet another page that covers 3-6 months or so at and yet another one that covers maybe 6 months to a year or so. at