Directions to Dershstock

The address is 123 Tonisgah Road in Phoenicia NY, 12464.  However you will not find that on most maps, since it is a dirt road.  So you can find it at 977 Woodland Valley Road instead (for example on Yahoo maps it is here ).

Well, that depends on where you are coming from. From Boston go West on the Mass Pike for a long time, for as long as you can actually. It then enters NY state, and becomes the Berkshire spur. Stick with it. It ends and you have to get on to the NY thruway (90 ends and becomes 87). Go South towards New York City. Go 32 miles to exit 20, Saugerties exit, site of Saugerties '94 (yes it was right there). Take a left at the end of the exit ramp, and then a right at the end of the road on to Route 212. Follow the signs towards Woodstock (Yes this is THE Woodstock where neither festival was). After 8.8 miles on Route 212 you will get to the center of Woodstock. Nice little town. Enjoy it as you go through. Route 212 will bear left, so you do the same.

After 1.9 miles you will get to Bearsville and a fork in the road. Bear a little to the right, and stay with 212. From this point go 8.9 miles to an intersection. Just before the intersection is Tiso's restaurant (has OK pizza but I haven't been there in years) and the Catskill Restaurant.

Take a right at this intersection. After a After 3.7 miles you will get to the quaint little town of Phoenicia. Just before you actually go into town take a left and go across the bridge. Then immediately after the bridge take your first right. This is High street (no drug jokes please).

Regardless of where you are coming from, Everyone should tune into this part of the directions. If you're coming from NY, this is where you join in these directions from the other ones below. After 0.9 miles you will see  new bridge on your right (it used to be a somewhat damaged, and closed one lane bridge, but it has been repaired).  The road then bears to the left. The road has just become Woodland Valley Road although you would not know that. Just follow this main road (After you cross over the narrow bridge don't go up the dirt hill, stay on the paved road). If you have been to the old house then you might recognize it on the left after 0.9 miles, if not your loss. From there continue on for another 2.5 miles, then take a left onto Tonisgah Road accross the small bridge.  You are now on a dirt road. We will probably have some signs or balloons or porcupines or something there to mark this turn. You are on this dirt road for 0.7 miles, and then you will see the drive way to the house. It really is up in the middle of no where so once you are on this dirt road you can't miss it. The driveway has two big stones, one on each side. Just park on the "main" road, don't drive up the driveway. Total mileage from my house in Cambridge to Phoenicia is 215.1 miles, 3 and a half hours. Your actual mileage may vary.


Then take the NY Thruway North. Get off at exit 19 Kingston. After the toll you will go onto a rotary. Get onto route 28 West, the sign says towards Pine Hill. After about 22 miles or so (I have not driven this in a while)  there should be a sign on the right that says Phoenicia. Take this right. At the bottom of the hill take the left onto High Street (don't cross the bridge straight ahead into Phoenicia or you have done gone too far) and continue with the directions above . Should be about two and half hours from NYC.
Or here is another choice.  Instead of turning into Phoenicia, as above, instead continue on Rt 28, for about 2 miles further.  Then take a left onto Woodland Valley Road (there is a sign).  After about 1/4 mile you will cross over the bridge mentioned above, as the new bridge (used to be damaged etc.).  Then take a right and continue with the directions above.

What if I am flying from somewhere far away?

There are a bunch of airports around that you can fly into.  A few that come to mind are:  New York City, Boston, Albany, or Newburg.  There is also a small airport at Kingston for the pilots out there.


Last year Andrew brought a GPS unit and took some measurements on the way home.  We can't guarentee the accuracy of any of these measurements (especially altitude) but if you happen to have a GPS unit, this might help you find the place:

GPS Waypoints for Dershstock Directions
Lat North Long West Altitude* Description
42°20.85' 73°47.25' 221' NY thruway to 87
42°05.00' 73°58.57' 172' end exit 20 ramp on NY thruway (Niger Rd. & Rt 32)
42°02.45' 74°07.11' 669' kink in downtown Woodstock on 212 (bear L)
42°02.45' 74°09.31' 858' fork in 212 at Wittenberg Rd. (fork at Bearsville, bear R)
42°02.76' 74°16.55' 795' turn after Tiso's, intersection 212 & 28
42°05.01' 74°18.77' 862' Bridge St. intersection with Rt 28
42°04.88' 74°18.73' 914' Bridge St. intersection with High St.
42°04.50' 74°20.20' 995' old house on Woodland Valley
42°02.36' 74°20.01' 1233' bridge on Tonisogah (near intersection Woodland Valley)
42°02.07' 74°19.66' 1366' end of driveway, between big stones
42°02.02' 74°19.57' 1298' driveway parking in front of garage
* note that altitude readings have questionable accuracy and bias (especially at the house)