Zara Columbia Dershowitz

Zara is getting bigger, and so was her web page.  So we decided that it was time to make a new one.  But, if you want to see her first few months that page is still available at

With a smile like this, she has a great laugh (an MP3 of her) and you can see the laugher in action as well also:

Zara's world tour began in NY, where she attended Dershstock:


She has recently gotten to see a bunch of family, on several trips:

She got pretty carried away by her cousin Lori:

and she met a bunch of friends for the first time, including the Saulacious one:

She traveled to Chicago to see Kim and Bridget get hitched, and she is just learning about chopsticks:

Zara likes to go hiking (and she always brings a pair of snacks along):

And we just like this recent picture, at 5 months and 1 day old: