Dershstock 25

The Party:  LABOR DAY!!!! Saturday, August 31-Monday, September 2, 2019

Two parties for the price of one:  Hanna’s turning 50! 


The house yet again The house

An off-dershstock-season Panorama:
Rainbow over PanoramaIn the past we had some pretty views:
Rainbow over dershstock


We love Claudia's paintings and here is one of her newest Dershstocks:

Claudia's Rock climbingRockin

For more info about the party in general you can refer to last year's site or sites from prior years that contain lots of pictures and details, and can see  directions  as well.  I also shot a cool Quicktime VR of the house during winter.

Dershstock happens in Phoenicia, NY and all are welcome to come party with us.  So feel free to bring friends, family, or anyone else who you think can put up with us.

The Pool

The Crowd

Things to do at Dershstock:

Eat, Drink, be merry, rock climb, hike, swim, screw, play tennis, play ultimate, go antiquing, Hot Tubbin', saunaing, did we mention drinking, play music (or sing, or listen), play games, sit by the bonfire, read, hang out, meet cool people, philosophize!

Hot Tubbin'Playin' with fire

Relax and drink 'til you get your fill:
Drink your fill

Chill out:

 The Pool

Time to jam:


Dress for dinner:
Andrew and Susan

We never really know who will show up:
   Frogs in the pondCritter

Or what they might be doing:

Hal, working hardThe Pond

Game time


Things to bring to Dershstock:

Sleeping bag, tent (if you want to camp), bathing suit (optional), food (bring some stuff, and we are all pretty communal about it & there is always a grill on), drinks (beer, wine, great bottles of Scotch, martinis, etc. ), ice, coolers (we always have more food than fridge space), sporting gear (hiking, rock climbing, tennis, etc.), games, friends, musical instruments, CDs (or one of them new-fangled I-toy-devices), towels, cameras, art supplies, good weather, philosophies!

The beds are somewhat limited, but there is plenty of floor space Muenz taking up space , and more camping space outside than we can possibly fill up.  So tents are probably a good idea. 
tents  JP Adam and Mars
A few people have asked about local hotels, so we now have a slightly old list, with no promises about price, or quality.

RSVP not required, but appreciated.

You can get in touch with us with more questions by emailing  or or phone us at (212) 499-9131, or up in Phoenicia (around the time of the event) (845) 688-5659 or (845) 688-5506.

Check out the excellent Dershshop that Charles set up to purchase great Dershstock merchandise!
We did shoot a few more pictures in the last few years.

As always, there are lots of pictures of Mars and Zara available.

There is no cell phone coverage near the house, so get directions before you arrive